Covercraft® – Sunbrella™ Custom Car Cover

Covercraft® - Sunbrella™ Custom Car Cover

  • EX / EX-L / Hybrid / Hybrid EX-L / Hybrid Touring / LX / Sport / Touring

The Sunbrella™ Custom Car Cover is designed for outside use in the sunniest, driest of climates where the sun has the most devastating effect on your vehicle’s finish and interior. The Sunbrella™ acrylic fibers this cover is made of have proven themselves in marine use as sail covers, deck enclosures, and bi-mini tops for boats of all sizes. The Sunbrella has Covercraft’s highest level of UV opacity and breathability to release heat and moisture for those who must park a vehicle in the sun regularly. It effectively resists acid rain and droppings from birds and trees, but will not block all snow and wet dirty slush from getting through.

Use the Sunbrella™ Custom Car Cover regularly to prevent paint from fading, rubber from drying out, and from tarnishing. And when your vehicle is covered regularly, dashboard materials remain soft without fracturing, leather doesn’t dry out, and wood trim does not crack in multiple places due to heat expansion and contraction. Additionally, the annoying chemical haze that forms on the inside of windshields from heated plastic trim will be eliminated.

Because of the Sunbrella™ Custom Car Cover’s medium size, it stows in most carrying bags and can be washed in larger home washing machines – however Covercraft does recommend using commercial size washing machines for best results. Due to its unique acrylic fiber construction, it can also be dried in a normal dryer with the heat setting on. Sized for a custom fit on your vehicle with elastic edging surrounding the lower perimeter on all sides, it wraps around snugly underneath yet stretches easily for removal. Covercraft builds the Sunbrella™ Custom Car Cover in the United States, and backs it with a Covercraft’s longest 6-year warranty against failure resulting from manufacturing defects.