Covercraft® – Universal-Fit Cargo Area Liner™

Covercraft® - Universal-Fit Cargo Area Liner™

  • Cargo area dog pad is custom tailored for a perfect fit
  • Constructed of tough waterproof urethane-coated polyester fabric
  • Hose off to clean, hang and air dry
  • Custom-fit to your specific vehicle
  • Includes a fold-out bumper cover flap for additional protection
  • Secures to seat backs at front with tie downs that connect to factory D-rings

SUVs, crossovers and wagons and are great people movers, and most provide ample room for gear in the cargo area, especially with the rear seats folded down. However, most of these vehicles, particularly luxury models, are richly appointed with plush carpeting and attractive trim throughout the vehicle. Hauling cargo isn’t a problem as long as it’s clean, but what if it includes muddy paws or feet, bags of cement, or buckets of spackle? To keep these and other items from dirtying up your cargo area, there’s the Universal-Fit Cargo Area Liner from Covercraft.

The Cargo Area Liner is perfect for hauling home building supplies from the home center, transporting the soccer team home from practice, or vet visits with the dog. It’s made from heavy-duty urethane coated polyester for long term durability and resistance to damage, and waterproof, to keep wet gear or spills from soaking through. Available in 3 sizes, there’s an ideal size for any vehicle, and it comes in your choice of colors. The cargo area liner attaches to the rear seat headrests with straps and plastic buckles, and it works equally well with the rear seat folded down or in the upright position. Because it’s universal, this cargo area liner will fit any vehicle, so it’s perfect for sharing when there are multiple vehicles in the household. When it’s not needed, you can keep the cargo area liner folded up and stashed until next time. And when the Cargo Area Liner gets dirty, just hose it off and hang it up to let it air dry.