Katzkin® – Custom Design Leather Upholstery Interior Kit

Katzkin® - Custom Design Leather Upholstery Interior Kit

Katzkin offers you premium seat covers made to provide unsurpassed quality and value. These seat covers are available in factory and Katzkin designs so you can choose the one most suited to your needs, preferences, and budget. The seat covers which feature the factory design are engineered to comply with OEM specifications to look, feel, and fit just like original covers. Katzkin design reveals the combinations that will transform your auto into something exclusive. These seat covers will upgrade the interior of your vehicle and help it stand out from the crowd. Katzkin seat covers are made from superior leather, suede, and vinyl materials to bring you the ultimate in comfort and ensure long life.

When it comes to installation, everything you need to do is to find your local authorized installer and take your Katzin interior kit and the installation voucher to the installer. The Katzkin authorized professional installer will remove all of the cloth from the seats of your vehicle and replace them with a new interior, complete with seat covers, door panels and console covering (depending on a vehicle). Installation of a new interior approximately takes 2 days.