Valvoline® – Gold Series Windshield Wiper

Valvoline® - Gold Series Windshield Wiper

  • The ultimate for all-season performance
  • Wind- and weather-resistant steel frame helps to prevent clogging in ice or snow
  • Streak-free visibility
  • Valvoline wiper blade provides smooth, silent wiping
  • Asymmetrical aerodynamic all steel frame
  • Provides clear performance up to wind speeds of 80 mph
  • The high-grade galvanized steel construction with anti-rust finish provides strength and durability for longer life
  • Heavy duty riveted joints ensure continuous quiet operation and a even pressure to prevent streaks
  • High density molded rubber blade
  • Superior wiping edge for all weather conditions
  • Constructed with 100% natural rubber and graphite coating
  • Reinforced with a stainless steel spine for stability and consistent streak free finish over the entire wiping surface
  • Pre-installed adapter fits on 98% of all domestic vehicles
  • Helps maintain your vehicle’s warranty
  • Provides engine protection at startup
  • Replenishes the system with new premium dry formula to protect against moisture